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Custom Showers

         At Village Glass & Mirror LTD. we are always looking for ways to keep
         our valued customers happy. With our ability to offer you elegant custom
         made glass showers we hope to do just that. Our skilled installers are
         sure to give you your gorgeous custom made glass shower in no time
         at all.
         We are currently offering the much saught after Showergaurd glass,
         which is the first and only glass with built-in protection against corrosion
         and discoloration. With just a minimal amount of cleaning using ordinary
         household products; Showergaurd glass will look beautiful for years
         to come. Call us for an estimate or consultation today and be on your
         way to having the shower you've always dreamed of.


Custom Glass


Village Glass & Mirror LTD. can do it all if you need glass custom cut we are
your company. We do a broad range of glass projects done in both plate
and tempered glass of varing thicknesses.

The thicknesses available are:

     We can customise to fit any coffee table, kitchen table, or patio table. We do
     glass shelves and glass shelving units custom sized for every room in your home.
     Village Glass & Mirror can custom cut glass for china cabinet doors and we also take
     on fireplace glass replacement. Broken fridge shelves? no problem, we can measure
     and cut to fit and get the job done quickly and efficiently.

     Custom mirrors can add a touch of elegance or that special personal touch to any
     room in your home. Using our expiriance in glass cutting and sandblasting we can
     custom create anything you can imagine for the one of a kind mirror you've always
     dreamed of.

     Village Glass & Mirror can replace certian parts in excisting patio and garden doors.
     We can do custom screen repair and replacement as well. By coupling with All Glass
     Parts Window & Door Hardware we are able to supply you with a variety of options
     when it comes to the hardware aspect of your doors and windows.
     If you wish to visit the All Glass Parts website for more information ..... click here.....

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